Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-25T07:35:18-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to upgrade plugins and extensions?2019-06-10T09:34:26-07:00

CMS, plugins, themes, and extensions are applications that add features and functionality. These applications routinely need to be upgraded. If they are not upgraded, they become the backdoor that hackers use to access your website and/or network.

What kind of equipment and software do I need in order to take an online course?2019-03-22T14:34:55-07:00

At a minimum, you will need the following hardware and software to participate in the virtual online programs:

All Courses:

Access to a modern computer
Reliable high-speed Internet access via cable, Ethernet, or WiFi
A recent version of a reliable internet browser
An email account and service that is dependable and easily accessible at various times of the day

Synchronous Sessions:

A web camera
A basic microphone/headset with microphone for participation in group discussions
A sound card and speakers for participation in group discussions

What if I didn’t use my hours this month?2019-06-10T13:25:28-07:00

Website updates don’t always follow the calendar. Unused labor hours rollover to the next month and expire one month after that. For example, if it’s August and you did not use your July hours, you can use them during the month of August (along with your August hours, of course). However, once September comes around, your July hours will have expired. This helps you bank some hours for some of those larger updates.

What happens if my site is hacked?2019-06-10T13:20:31-07:00

Run security checks and fix any issues with malware. If the malware can’t be fully removed manually, your site backup will be restored.

How will I be charged?2019-06-10T13:26:43-07:00

You will be charged automatically on a monthly basis. You can manage your account details in your billing portal.

How many support requests can I submit each month?2019-06-10T09:16:37-07:00

You are not restricted in the number of requests that you make. If we believe a task will take longer than the allotted hours in your plan, we will give you options and different ways to pay. You will be given a guaranteed quote for your approval before starting any work.

How do I order services?2019-03-24T09:26:22-07:00

It is easy to order transaction services. Existing clients can order online here. New clients can use the Order Form at this site or can call the office to order services. New clients are contacted to clarify details of online orders.

How do I know how many hours I have left this month?2019-06-10T13:24:22-07:00

Hours worked are carefully tracked each month. If you’re unsure how many hours you have left, submit a support request.

How do I get started?2019-03-24T09:24:41-07:00

It is easy to get started. When we begin as your vendor, we enter into a written agreement as to the services provided. That becomes the basis of the services that are provided.  Certain services use the contract to develop a personalized template that is used each time with your transaction. As things change, those changes become part of the next version of the template.

Do you provide training and tutoring?2019-03-22T14:04:15-07:00

Yes, I provide one-on-one tutoring either virtual, real time interactive or in person. You can schedule by phone, text email, or buy purchasing training here.

Can you come to my office or home?2019-03-22T16:35:31-07:00

Comprehensive training can be delivered at your location. The cost for onsite training will include travel, transportation, lodging, convenience fee, meals and incidentals.  Example of training delivered at your 3500 miles away location:

  1. Airport parking and air travel = $850
  2. Rental car, parking, fuel = $850
  3. Lodging = $1800
  4. Convenience fee = $1000
  5. Meals and incidentals = $550
  6. Cost of Training Package = $3500

Example: Total Package Delivered Onsite = $8550. Your prices will vary based on your location.

Can I still make changes on my own?2019-06-10T13:22:25-07:00

Of course! You’re site belongs to you. Should you have trouble making any updates on your own, don’t hesitate to call. If you decide you don’t want to add or create content on your own, consider a copywriting package.

Can I change/customize your “packages”?2019-03-24T09:13:09-07:00

Yes, we provide standardized services unless you request something else.

Am I locked into a contract?2019-06-10T13:26:04-07:00

Absolutely not! You can cancel at anytime.