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Frequently Asked Questions2017-08-28T10:11:43+00:00
Can you rewrite the episodes if I want changes?2017-02-13T00:29:18+00:00

It would be my pleasure to provide you with custom podcasts. Please call me and let’s chat.

What if I don’t like an episode?2017-08-26T13:03:09+00:00

The transcripts are published online 24 hours before recording.  You have the option to pass on an episode if you contact me during that time or anytime before the recording is made.

If I want to add my purchased episode(s) to mulitiple sites, how much will that cost?2017-08-26T13:03:43+00:00

The prices for 1 and 2 websites license are listed on each release.  If you are seeking broker or partner pricing, I am happy to make reasonable arrangements based on your use. Please call and let’s chat.

How can I use the Podcast?2017-08-26T13:03:52+00:00

This is an important question to ask when you acquire media rights.

  1. The Terms of Service at My Little Store provides the legal and complete answer.
  2. The Product Description page has some highlights.
How do I purchase?2017-08-26T13:05:50+00:00

I make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Go to the Kirombo Marketplace and make your selection.
  2. Pay with your credit card or PayPal.
  3. Provide the company name and web address for the recording.

I do the rest.

Is the content that you record original?2017-02-12T23:53:42+00:00

YES, I write the copy, it is recorded by my voice talent, and I create the artwork. When you make a purchase, you are buying this work that can and is distributed by my other clients in their name.  Think of me as a modern day Ann Landers.    As with Ms Landers, I produce intellectual capital that is syndicated to other publishers.

How long does it take to record in my company name?2017-02-12T23:42:04+00:00

That depends on the product you are purchasing.

  1. Weekly California Real Estate Update Podcast: we distribute to your account every week on the day of the broadcast.
  2. Past episodes can be branded with your company name within five working days (based on quantity ordered).
  3. Past volumes will be based on the number of episodes; let’s talk.
What is included with the podcast episodes?2017-02-12T19:15:52+00:00

Each episode and Volume include:

  1. Script with Your Company Name and Web Address
  2. Recording with Professional Voice Talent
  3. Formatted for Publication
  4. Distributed to Your Channels

Look at the Product Description page for complete details.

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